Political Prison Camp Monitoring

Monitoring of political prison camps and various detention facilities

NK Watch is continuously monitoring forced disappearances, torture and slave labor situations happening in North Korea’s political prison camps (total control zones) and various detention facilities. The information collected is shared with the international community.

Completely controlled zone No. 16 under continuous expansion (Located in Myeonggan-gun (former Hwaseong-gun), Hamgyeongbuk-do),
North-South 50.47Km, East-West 33.76Km

Area No. 22, which was dismantled in 2012, was completely controlled.
3D MODELING sample image to restore

3D MODELING sample image for restoring Total Control Zone No. 22, which was dismantled in 2012



NK Watch is looking for a sponsor for this project. North Korea is continuously destroying evidence of crimes against humanity in political prison camps(total control zones). NK Watch is planning to construct the interior and exterior of existing or dismantled political prison camps(total control zones) into visualized data (using 3D MODELING image) and share it with the international community.