NK Watch attends the 34th regular session of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), March 2017

NK Watch attended the 34th regular sessions of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland from Saturday, March 11, 2017 to Wednesday, March 15, 2017. It held a press conference with foreign media and met with UN working groups and special rapporteurs on human rights to inform them of the systematic and systematic human rights violations and crimes against humanity by the North Korean regime, and strongly urged them to punish those responsible.

At the meeting, Myeongchul Ahn, executive director of NK Watch, testified from the perpetrator’s point of view on the systematic and systematic human rights violations taking place in the camps based on his first-hand accounts of the terrible human rights violations in the camps while serving as a guard at the North Korean political prison camp for eight years.

“The North Korean regime has a plan to kill inmates to cover up the existence of political prison camps, which are representative evidence of human rights violations, in the event of a crisis of the collapse of the system,” Director Ahn, testified.

According to Ahn, more than 90 percent of the prisoners in the camps are presumed to be people who have been brought in based on guilt-by-association system without knowing what charges they have been imprisoned for, and are victims to the whims of the North Korean regime not knowing which day will be their last.

He also urged the U.N. and the international community to re-designate North Korea as a “state sponsor of terrorism” and file a complaint with the International Criminal Court against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s for crimes against humanity and his alleged killing of his half-brother Kim Jong Nam with the internationally banned biological weapon and nerve agent VX in broad daylight in Malaysia.

In addition, Park Geum-ok, who defected from the South after being imprisoned in a political prison camp and recently entered South Korea, continued to testify. Park Geum-ok was taken to the “linked system” when she was just a year old in 1988, and spent 20 years in the 18th political prisoner camp, experiencing and witnessing various forms of human rights abuses. Park earnestly appealed for the international community to make efforts to punish those responsible for human rights abuses in North Korea as soon as possible.