Cooperation and solidarity with German CSOs for human rights advocacy activities in North Korea, May 13th, 2024

NK Watch will attend an event for North Korean human rights cooperation and solidarity in Berlin in May, 2024.
Executive Director Myeongchul Ahn of NK Watch met with Rep. Peter Heidt of the German Liberal Democratic Party, students and professors of CSOs and Humboldt University in Germany to share recent information on the human rights situation in North Korea, and asked for continued interest and cooperation from the German political community and civil society.

In addition, NK Watch will participate in a strategic meeting to resolve the North Korean human rights issue with the CSO North Korean Democratic Youth Forum in South Korea, the CSO SARAM – Stiftung für Menschenrecht in Nordkorea, the South Korean and German branches of Amnesty International.

NK Watch will continue to expand its contact with overseas CSOs.

Event poster