Acts for North Korean People
who deserve Human Rights and Justice in North Korea.

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NK Watch has been collecting documented evidence(petitions) and securing witnesses since 2013 in order to hold North Korea accountable for Crimes against Humanity.

Also, we published a research report in July 2023 to prove that Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un are the ultimately responsible figures for crimes against humanity. NK Watch is taking a step closer to the final goal of ensuring accountability by collecting these fundamental keys.

2021년 9월, 네델란드 소재 <제프리나이스재단> 네벤카 트롬프 대표와 NK Watch 그리고 <책임규명을 위한 북한 인권 증언자 연대> Association of Witnesses for North Korean Accountability (AWNK)



NK Watch has created an Assocation of Witnesses for North Korean Accountability (AWNK) who can testify in person in court in the near future. We await for further witnesses who will join this association.