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who deserve Human Rights and Justice in North Korea.

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Myeongchul Ahn, Executive Director of NK Watch

NK Watch is a Civil Society Organization advocating for North Korean human rights established by North Korean Political Prison Camp Survivors and Family Members on June 3rd, 2003. NK Watch has consistently acted as an organization for victims of Crimes against Humanity by the North Korean authorities since the beginning.

NK Watch, based on sincerity and expertise, devotes itself to the North Korean people who are suffering from murder, torture, forced labor and abuse even now. We sincerely ask everyone in Korea and the international community to join us until the Kim family’s suryong dictatorship is ended and the dignity and freedom of all the North Korean residents is restored. Thank you.


Director Myeongchul Ahn is the ‘sole survivor’ that can provide accurate testimony about the political prison camps (total control zones) of North Korea. He worked as a security guard for political prison camps managed by the 7th bureau of the State Security Department from 1987 to 1994. A ‘perpetrator’ at that time, Director Ahn quickly found himself becoming a victim. In October 1994 after being granted asylum in South Korea, his mother, younger brother, and younger sister were all forcibly disappeared by the North Korean authorities. His family was imprisoned in a political prison camp, and to this day, there is no way to check whether they are dead or alive.After entering South Korea, Director Ahn worked as a banker until 2009 during which he made continuous attempts to inform the international community about the human rights situation and testifying to the UK parliament (1996, 2007), the German parliament (1997), the US congress (1999), Japan’s parliament (2013), and the UN Commission of Inquiry hearing (2013). Director Ahn has been serving as the executive director of NK Watch since December 2012. He possesses unrivaled information about total control zones and is continuously collecting further information about North Korean human rights through his vast network of defectors.