What We Do

Photo Exhibition

NK Watch regularly holds exhibitions of various photos and drawings depicting the human rights violations in North Korea in various countries, such as South Korea, USA, Canada, Switzerland, and more.


NK Watch holds various campaigns and speeches in USA, Canada, Switzerland, and various other countries to raise the international awareness on human rights in North Korea. Moreover, NK Watch forms partnerships with various human rights organizations in the world to restore human rights in North Korea.

Refugee Rescue

NK Watch rescues North Korean refugees facing dangerous situations in China, including human trafficking (particularly sex trafficking), compulsory repatriation, arbitrary detention, and torture.?

Talk Concert

South Korean young generation’s awareness on North Korean human rights is low. So, NK Watch provides a talk concert on human rights of North Korea to young generation. In talk concert, guests talk about their lives in North Korea, extreme human rights situation in North Korea, and how young generation in South Korea can help to improve human rights in North Korea.

UN Petitions

NK Watch interviews North Korean defectors who experienced or witnessed human rights violations, such as arbitrary detention, involuntary disappearance, and torture, and submits petitions to the United Nations. NK Watch uses these petitions to press the North Korean authorities, the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

How to Help NK Watch

NK Watch needs your support to improve human rights in North Korea.
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