NK Watch’s side event with UN Watch at Human Rights Council 34th Regular Session

NK Watch with UN Watch cosponsored a side event at 34th Regular Session at Human Rights Council.

Mrs. Keumok Park, who was sent to the political prison camp No.18 with the rest of her family when she was one year old, gave a testimony. Mrs. Park lived in the camp for 20 years. Mr. Myeongchul Ahn, who was a former prison guard in the DPRK’s political prison camps for 8 years, also gave a testimony. They spoke about the realities of life in the political prison camps, despite the continued denials coming from the DPRK government regarding the existence of such camps.

Over 20 attendees came to join the side event and all the attendees were very impressed by the testimonies given by Mrs. Park and Mr. Ahn.

NK Watch and UN Watch received numerous positive feed backs from the attendees.

These testimonies, coming from both sides of political prison camp life, will stand as irrefutable proof of the DPRK’s political prison system. NK Watch and UN Watch will urge the United Nations and the international community to dispatch UN inspectors to the political prison camps inside the DPRK.