Talk about NK Human Rights in Spain

Executive Director of NK Watch, Ahn Myeong Chul, was invited to speak at the Brilliant Minds 2014, which was organized by the Spanish organization El Ser Creativo, in Madrid, Spain on November 14th, 2014. Mr. Ahn explained the system and dictatorship of North Korea and serious human rights violations in the country. He also emphasized important role of the international community to solve this problem. It was the first time in Spain that a North Korean defector came and talked about North Korean human rights. So, many media?gave attention to Ahn’s talk and interviewed him. Since many people in Spain are not familiar with human rights in North Korea, it was a great opportunity that we could let them know about serious human rights situation in North Korea and raise their attention. NK Watch hopes that more people in the world realize human rights in North Korea and participate in ending human rights violation in North Korea.?

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