Amnesty International Korea interviewed Dr. KwanHyung Lee on North Korea’s drug issue (10/31/2021)

On November 1st, 2021, Amnesty International Korea posted the interview with Dr. KwanHyung Lee on North Korea’s drug issue on its website.
In his interview, Dr. KwanHyung Lee, the program director of NK Watch, mentioned ongoing drug production and smuggling led by North Korean authorities since 1945 and general citizens’ addiction to drugs. Dr. Lee claimed that North Korean citizens face the drug addiction problem due to a boomerang effect wrought by North Korean authorities. Dr. Lee added that the international community should be not only concerned about North Korea’s international crimes but also North Korean citizens’ drug addiction problem.

(Photo from the website of Amnesty International – South Korea)

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and if you want to see his Ph.D. dissertation: A Study of North Korea’s Drug Problems : From the Perspective of State-Led Transnational Organized Crime (2021, Korea University Graduate School)