Publication of the Report on North Korean human rights (2020.05.30)

Dear donors of NK Watch and North Korean human rights activists of the international community,

In the end of May 2020, NK Watch published a research report. Every year, NK Watch has published non-disclosed casebooks that compiled all the petitions which NK Watch has submitted to the United Nations (UN) in that given year. It has been about nine years since NK Watch has published a report on the topic of human rights in North Korea.

The report, published by NK Watch this May, is titled, ‘Effects of International Advocacy toward Human Rights of North Korea’. The international community has advocated for protecting and promoting human rights in North Korea over decades. The report reviewed and discussed the impacts of international human rights advocacy on the situation of human rights in North Korea.

Members of the international community were uncertain whether our efforts to improve and protect human rights in North Korea had actually brought meaningful changes to North Korea’s human rights situation. The international community, including NK Watch, also wanted to know if we were on the right path and how far we made in terms of improving the situation of human rights in North Korea.

Every organization has the obligation to carry out its missions, and these organizations should never forget its foundation and objectives. While it was not easy, NK Watch worked hard to fulfill our purpose. NK Watch also made sure that we do not fall into self-deception with the excuse of pursuing our missions. NK Watch still has and faces many challenging tasks, but we would strive to overcome these challenges and not forget the very existence of our organization.

Upon the publication of the report, NK Watch planned to open a private-roundtable to discuss the report and seek possible future North Korean human rights policies. We will share the results of this roundtable by posting it on our website and other social media outlets.

Thank you,

Myeong-Chul Ahn,

Executive Director of NK Watch

June. 02. 2020