Web Cartoon ‘Soli’s Diary’

In 2019, from April to November, NK Watch was funded by Korea Hana Foundation for the production on web cartoon. ‘Soli’s Diary’, the web cartoon, consists a total of six episodes, and the collection of these episodes was published and distributed.

The episodes of ‘Soli’s Diary’ portrayed funny incidents North Korean defectors experienced in adjusting to life in South Korea. For instance, one episode depicted a scene in which a defector ate the burger bun and patty separately since they had never eaten a burger before. Another episode included a scene which a defector couple showed their IDs to a toll collector because they thought a toll booth was a guard post, like those in North Korea.

Although these incidents never happen to South Koreans, it is usual to North Korean defectors as they never experienced this type of lifestyle during their life in the North. NK Watch hopes that ‘Soli’s Diary’ provides the opportunity to both the South and North to understand each other and narrow the gap. The cartoon and a video of it are posted on our website. These contents are also posted on Naver’s Challenge cartoon, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page.

Thank you for the continuous interest and support.