Visit to the Australian Embassy and Meeting with Former UN COI Chairman Michael Kirby

May 30th, 2017, NK Watch paid a visit to the Australian Center at the Australian Embassy to meet with former UN COI chairman, Michael Kirby. At the meeting, NK Watch spoke with former chairman Michael Kirby to discuss the current status of NK Watch’s petition project. The newly appointed North Korean special report discussed the role of North Korean human rights groups in South Korea in order to write a new COI report on North Korea. Finally, former chairman Michael Kirby thanked NK Watch, once again, for their cooperation with UN COI reports in the past and asked NK Watch to continue their petition project and acting as a watchdog for North Korean human rights. At the meeting hosted by the International Institute for Democracy (NDI), NK Watch was able to build networks with officials from other North Korean human rights groups that were participating in the meeting. Together with these North Korean human rights groups, and members of the Australian Embassy and Australian Center, we could recognize the importance of the North Korean human rights issue one more time.