Production of the North and South Korean Youth Music Band ‘OHU’s Photo Storybook

In 2018, with support from the ‘Unification and Sharing’ foundation, NK Watch helped form a music band consisting of four youths from both North and South Korea, who were currently residing in South Korea, in hopes to facilitate a chance for communication through music. Although the idea of North and South Korean youths making music together sounds strange, it actually provides an opportunity for both sides to communicate and better understand one another as well as discuss the idea of unification.

With the division lasting well over 60 years, language and cultural differences are bound to come occur. However, despite these differences, these four youths from both North and South Korea, decided to make an effort to become closer to one another and create a vision of harmony between the North and South through their song titled ‘With Dreams.’

So now, the activities and memories made amongst the North and South Korean youths over the past eight months can be seen through their photo story book. Let’s take a look at their experiences together!

OHU’s photo story book can be reached by clicking the link listed below.


OHU-‘꿈을 안고포토스토리북