NK Watch completed submission on the UN’s Universal Periodic Review for the DPRK

On October 4ht, NK Watch completed submission to the UN’s Universal Periodic Review for the DPRK together with Transitional Justice Working Group and the Korean Abductees’ Family Union. The joint submission focuses on the death penalty in the PDRK and enforces disappearances by the DPRK regime. NK Watch has provided documents on the disappeared people that NK Watch has gathered over the years.

NK Watch hopes that the DPRK regime will recognize the mistakes and show the attitude of actively accepting the recommendations of the international community for the real improvement of human rights of the North Koreans in May 2019 through Universal Periodic Review. The DPRK will have to recognize not only on the cases of systematic human rights violations but also the discriminations and violations perpetrated within the detention facilities in the DPRK which have been continuously issued by the international community and through the COI Report.